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Garden Grille

About Us

We hope that you’ll enjoy our delicious meals, snacks, and drinks. We always source the freshest ingredients and use organic when possible. With over twenty five years experience, we are well versed in everything vegetarian and vegan. We also offer options for all different folks. Whether you’re Kosher, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or you just want to eat a little healthier, Garden Grille just may become your new favorite spot.  Be sure to check out our menu regularly-it changes with the seasons! 

Our story began in 1971, with the opening of the Golden Sheaf Natural Foods Market, Providence's first full-service organic foods market and café. For almost twenty years, the market served as a center where the community could learn about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. We had classrooms upstairs from the market and presented workshops and classes by locally and nationally recognized educators. We sponsored seminars on nutrition, vegetarian cooking, and herbal healing, and the Golden Sheaf became a resource for education, healing, and connection. The market thrived for 19 years and eventually closed its doors in the fall of 1990.
In 1996, we opened the Garden Grille. We started initially as a vegetarian fast-food concept, and eventually grew into what the Garden Grille has become today—one of New England's premier destinations for vegetarian dining. Again, we found that common thread, which we think of as a community brought together by a desire for alternative, healthier restaurant options.
In 2010, we opened Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Café next door to Garden Grille. Wildflour entered the scene as the area's first full-scale vegan bakery. We offer a wide array of baked goods, pastries and savory food options along with signature coffee drinks, smoothies and fresh juice. Wildflour has expanded the choices we are able to offer our community of patrons, providing a variety of delicious items that fit into many diets.
In 2013 we opened The Grange on the West Side of Providence. Our intent, once again, was to expand the array of choices available to this community. Under the leadership of Chef Jon Dille, the Grange was all about elevating diners' perceptions and experience of vegetables by emphasizing seasonal organic produce from local farms. We offered an inspired craft cocktail and bar menu in a 100% repurposed interior frequently accompanied by live music. After 9 phenomenal years of operation, The Grange closed its doors in July 2021.
All of our restaurants are certified kosher by Rabbi Barry Dollinger of Lighthouse Kosher.
We welcome everyone to join us as we indulge our love of great food, beautiful spaces, and our ever-expanding community. We invite you to join us in creating this next chapter in our story of community and connection, which began over 50 years ago!